Founder agreement is essential for any startup !

Starting a business is like embarking on an adventure. It's exciting, challenging, and filled with uncertainty. However, before you start this journey, it's essential to have a roadmap in place to ensure that you and your co-founders are on the same page. This roadmap comes in the form of a Founder Agreement. more


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Legality of Founder's Agreement

It is recognized as a legally binding contract between co-founders! more

Required Documents

Ensure a hassle-free Founder Agreement process with these required documents! more

Why to choose India Advocacy?

Founder Agreement complies is enforceable in a court of law! more

Step-by-step process to acquire Founder Agreement

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Frequently asked questions

  1. A Founder Agreement is a legal document that outlines the roles, responsibilities, and ownership rights of each founder in a company.

  2. A Founder Agreement can help establish a strong foundation for the business by addressing critical issues such as equity distribution, decision-making, and responsibilities of each founder, which can minimize misunderstandings and disputes later on.

  3. It's highly recommended that you seek legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in Founder Agreement drafting. India Advocacy is a legal service provider that offers drafting services for Founder Agreements.

  4. A Founder Agreement should cover key terms such as equity distribution, roles and responsibilities, decision-making, and exit plans.

  5. Yes, a Founder Agreement can be modified or amended later, but all co-founders should agree on the changes and revise the document accordingly.

  6. If a co-founder violates the Founder Agreement, it can lead to legal disputes and damage the business's reputation. The agreement should include provisions for dispute resolution and consequences for violating the agreement.

  7. The cost of drafting a Founder Agreement depends on various factors such as the complexity of the agreement and the lawyer's fees. India Advocacy provides affordable drafting services for Founder Agreements.

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