About Us

INDIA ADVOCACY is India's 1st Legal Advice Social networking platform that bridges the gap between clients and advocates by providing a common platform where a client can interact with advocates online.Anyone who needs legal assistance, advice or wants to station lawsuit, can now use "INDIA ADVOCACY" is the only best medium.Member advocates of "INDIA ADVOCACY" will respond to your legal issue after reviewing your presented fount.Solutions that suffice the client's expectations not only by realizing the client's needs but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public relations.

India Advocacy is a legal tech platform with its focus on solving all types of legal issues in the country.A one-stop platform that is run 24/7 to seek legal help but also to help connect such legal professionals with potential clients (Soci-O-Cacy).

Our key services include advising,(Advice-O-Cacy) provided by advocates via audio/video facility, a utilizer user-friendly booking system (Book-O-Cacy) enabling the client to pick an Advocate of his choice depending on his requirement. Another feature by the name (Notif-O-Cacy) notifies advocates and clients about appointments by sending timely Updates .

Our services are extended to both B2B & B2C. Apart from this, we additionally provide products free of cost to the users such as legal documents, legal updates, and articles to educate the user and create awareness.