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Online Therapy/ Counselling for Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Phobia, Relationship Issues,Parenting Issues, Grief & Trauma, Self-Improvement & Confidence Building and many more at India Advocacy platform through our experienced therapists.


Fight through those Suffocation feelings and make a postive change


Learn to cope with your everyday tasks and enhance your productivity


Leave behind your apprehensions and take charge of your life in a calm manner


Take your relationship from bitter to better and strengthen your bond

Bipolar Disorder

Say goodbye to mood swings and live with a clearer mind


Stop your urges and thoughts to take control of your life


Relieve the inability to fall or stay asleep without any medication


Overcome destructive behavior patterns and regain control of your life

Who Need Councilling?

Its ok, to not feel ok! It definitely takes courage to speak out, and this courage might be needed and required for any individual, irrespective of the age, gender, profession, culture etc. Counselling helps oneself to find solutions to inner questions and attain growth in life. Counselling could help someone who is struggling to gain confidence for Self-Improvement, hoping to nurture their relationship, trying to strike work-life balance, struggling to parent their adolescent, trying to find some sound sleep, and many more.

How Councilling Helps?

"Counselling" or "Therapy" acts as a mode of expressing your emotions, thoughts, feelings, inhibitions and seeking guidance from trained experts for attaining better mental wellness. Counseling could help you self-introspect, nurture relationships, attain work-life balance, gain confidence and moreover achieve holistic wellbeing. One could seek counseling to tackle Anxiety, Depression, Stress, help with Relationship building, balancing Work-Life, overcoming Phobias, learning Parenting skills or dealing with Adolescents, managing Anger Issues, and work on one's Self-Improvement etc. A trained counselor could guide you to self-analysis, understand your thoughts and find possible solutions. Counselors shall listen and understand you with a completely unbiased perspective to help you grow and feel better.